Illinois Basketball – Men of Perfection so far


Finals are underway and many students feel overwhelmed because they know they aren’t about to ace their tests, but remember to look on the bright side of things.  Brandon Paul and the rest of the gang don’t have the privilege of failing in private.


They have to have all of their failures broadcast to the entire basketball community, so all I have is one thing to say to you, “Stop complaining!”   The Fighting Illini’s most recent game against Eastern Kentucky allowed every fan to have 12 reasons to love our team and new coach John Groce.






The Illini are now 12-0 and are far from publicly failing which should inspire all of you studiers to push it to the limit and train (study) even harder because perfection is possible.


What is next for the Illini?  December 22nd our boys, I’m sorry “Men of Perfection”, take on Missouri on their courts.   If you can’t make it there in person, be sure to tune in to ESPN2 for all your Illini coverage because you don’t want to miss 13-0 and you definitely don’t want to miss a 12-1 result (Lets ignore the possibility of the that).


There is about a week until Christmas and instead of waiting impatiently for Santa to come or that gift you ordered from Amazon, be sure to emerge yourself in everything related to Illinois Basketball.  Before checking out the game this coming weekend, stay up-to-date with all of the players via Twitter and be sure to check out The Daily Illini.  There are too many ways to always stay updated with your favorite team and I want to be sure you know of all of them.


Be sure to follow:


John Groce @JohnGroce

Brandon Paul @BP3

DJ Richardson @djrich32

Mike LaTulip @MLaTulip_5


These are just a few names you should follow.  Be sure to check out the rest of the team and all of the team’s affiliates Twitter accounts.  There is nothing better than prompt information from the source.


I’m the newest edition to the blogging team for Illini News and I must say last week’s post was a bit dry.  It just wasn’t me and I definitely didn’t include an introduction.


I just jumped into the flow of things and tried to blend in.  Allow me to reintroduce myself (Jay- Z, P.S.A reference). I am a Senior in Marketing who loves everything there is to love about sports, especially my Fighting Illini.


I write my own blog, The Sarcastic Sports Commentator via   I enjoy giving my opinion on things people assume I am not capable of providing an opinion on (i.e. sports).  Every week you will get to update yourself on important matters such as Illinois’ Basketball team and get to take a break from your hectic schedule while reading something entertaining for once.  I look forward to you reading my blog posts and if you don’t you should. Go Illini!


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